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AI Powered IoT Solution

Successfully launched AI-Powered IoT devices in the food industry, enabling pilot implementation with three tier-1 food organizations set the foundation for converting the trial pilots into long-term paying customers.

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Scope of Work (SOW) and Deliverables:

  • AI and IoT Product Strategy and Vision: Defined the product strategy and vision by identifying how AI and IoT can address specific pain points and opportunities in the food-tech industry in the area of supply chain optimization, sustainability, food safety, and food waste reduction.

  • Market Research in Food-Tech Industry: Conducted systematic market analysis and user research to understand the needs, challenges, and workflows of stakeholders in the food-tech industry including food producers, distributors, operators, and regulatory bodies.

  • Market-Driven Product Requirements With Advanced Features: Elicited and defined product requirements based on market analysis, user research, and input from stakeholders. Including features like real-time monitoring, predictive analytics, inventory management, traceability, and automated production management.

  • Strategic Business Model and Revenue Diversification: Define the business model and pricing strategy for the solution. Identified revenue streams of product sales, subscription fees, data analytics services, and value-added features.

  • User-Centric Interfaces for Enhanced Productivity: Collaborated with UX/UI designers to create intuitive and user-friendly interfaces for various user groups, including production managers, logistics personnel, and operations. Focus on ease of use, data visualization, alerts, and workflows that enhance productivity and decision-making.

  • IoT Integration for Comprehensive Food Monitoring: Defined integration requirements with IoT devices and sensors to monitor and alert food amount & types, food quality, location, and environmental conditions.

  • AI Integration for Advanced Data Analysis: Worked with data scientists and AI experts to identify and integrate AI algorithms for data analysis, predictive analytics, and optimization to enable demand forecasting, quality prediction, shelf-life estimation, and alerts.

  • Secure Data Handling for Regulatory Compliance: Incorporated data security measures to protect sensitive data throughout the supply chain. Ensure compliance with industry-specific regulations of food safety standards, data privacy laws, and traceability requirements.

  • Robust Testing for Accurate AI Performance: Developed a comprehensive testing and validation plan to ensure the accuracy, reliability, and performance of the AI-powered IoT solution. Conducted real-world testing, validate predictions against actual outcomes, and collaborate with industry experts for validation and feedback.

  • Strategic Go-to-Market Plan for Solution Success: Developed a go-to-market plan, including marketing campaigns, sales enablement materials, and partnerships with key stakeholders in the food-tech industry. Educated potential users about the benefits of the solution, provided training and support.

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