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Bahman Qawami Product Manager

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Product

I bridge the gap between your technology and the market, ensuring successful product development, launch, and management. Let's collaborate to address customer needs, drive business growth, and navigate the path to success.

Track Record of Success

From Emerging Ventures to Industry Leaders

I  have collaborated with a diverse range of clients, spanning from small startups to large corporations, across various industries and sectors. I have built solid relationships with people at every rung of the corporate ladder.

With your company's vision as our guiding light and my unwavering commitment as the driving force, we will surpass all obstacles and achieve greatness together.


AI IoT Solution (Food-Tech)

Launched pilot implementations with three tier-1 food organizations resulted in converting the trial pilots into long-term paying customers.


AI IoT Solution (Medical)

Product development for post-operative monitoring apparatus for hospital patients.
In a clinical study POC demonstrated a significant reduction in post-operative complications by 31% improved patient outcomes and enhanced hospital efficiency.


Enterprise SaaS Solution

Launched SaaS platform for ed-tech automated business processes & e-commerce automation. Increased operational efficiency  by 29% and reduced staffing needs by 11%.
Launched pilot program for mobile payment  & targeted advertisement Enterprise SaaS platform. Increased customer engagement by 9% and revenue increase of 17%.


Enterprise Storage Solution

Directly contributed to enterprise storage solution revenue growth resulting in 285% year-over-year increase in storage demand over three years.
Launched in-memory data management solution that improved data ingestion & processing performance by 3X.

Help Unlocking Your Product’s Full Potential

Empower Your Business to Deliver Exceptional Products That Captivate Your Target Market and Drive Sustainable Growth.

Key to success and achieve business target
Productive master, productivity and project management skill, multitasking work and time management concept

Solving Key Challenges and Driving Success

As a product manager consultant, I solve a wide range of problems related to understanding market needs, defining product strategy, prioritizing features, collaborating with your organization cross-functional teams, enhancing user experience, analyzing competition, executing go-to-market strategies, and monitoring product performance. 

Experience, Innovation, and Results

Through my extensive experience in Product Management, I have curated a diverse portfolio of thriving and profitable products, fostering customer satisfaction and empowering the creation of winning market strategies. However, reaching this level of achievement necessitates unwavering dedication and ability to overcome challenges.

Business strategy, planning to achieve goal, management for company growth opportunity, market success goal
Teamwork cooperate together to achieve target, leadership to build team walking up rising growth arrow

Empowering Your Team for Success

Regardless of the size of your organization / team, resources are limited. Careful consideration is required to determine which product ideas and features to pursue, and which to set aside. I assist you in aligning your processes, decision-making, and priorities to support your organizational requirements.

Overcome Your Company’s Challenges 

Unlock the full potential of your products, driving business success and customer satisfaction.

Courage and leadership to win business success, teamwork to help survive crisis, challenge or risk taker concept

Contribution to Affiliated Entities

I have a broad expertise that spans across diverse industries, enabling me to partner with global brands, startups, and enterprises. Together, we leverage innovation and human-centered design to create meaningful and exceptional customer experiences that make a lasting impact.

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